If you own, manage or provide insurance services for commercial, multi-unit housing or retail properties, you can count on Raleigh’s ServiceMaster Rapid Recovery for prompt, professional service with any type of property damage, including water, flood, smoke, fire, mold, vandalism cleanup, and even general restoration.

“Rapid Recovery” is more than just a part of our name.  We move quickly, because we understand that with urgency comes the best opportunity to minimize damage.  And we focus on prompt recovery, so that our clients can get back into their properties — and back to normal — as quickly and affordably as possible.

We’re always happy to refer trades professionals for projects involving plumbing, painting, electrical and other renovations; but we see our role in working closely with property owners & managers, appraisers and insurance company agents to limit the overall cost in time and dollars as best we can.

Every technician at Raleigh’s ServiceMaster Rapid Recovery is well-trained and IICRC-certified and we have a full array of dehumidifiers, generators, towing, drying and transport equipment to meet the demands of every situation.  If necessary, we can even bring possessions to our facility for professional remediation and cleaning.

Our parent company owns several ServiceMaster franchises and we also benefit from our association with the nation’s second largest property damage recovery organization. So we can move quickly and bring all the necessary resources to bear within hours (including trained professionals from throughout the country), to minimize the damage, cost and recovery time.

As part of the ServiceMaster family, we work on projects of all shapes and sizes.  ServiceMaster has preferred vendor status with a majority of the country’s largest corporations, retailers and insurance companies, so we have experience in working with large customers, and major projects of all types.

Our team is well trained, and uses industry-leading products and processes to deliver the best possible outcome.  Just like America’s leading companies, you can have confidence in Raleigh’s ServiceMaster Rapid Recovery.

We encourage you to plan ahead and contact us in the near future to learn more about our 866-Recover program.  Our team can visit your property in advance of any water, flood, smoke, fire, mold or structural or vandalism recovery.  By familiarizing ourselves with your property and devising a plan in advance, we can offer the best service possible.  In the event of massive natural disasters, we also provide our 866-Recovery clients with “first in line” service — a critical factor when tens of thousands of claims are being filed in a devastated area.

Please fill out our Contact Form to the right and schedule your appointment.  Raleigh’s ServiceMaster Rapid Recovery welcomes the opportunity to serve your organization.